Ms. A. Time



A suggests a self-removal from the line of patriarchal ownership, with a new last name. I now know not from where, but I retell an injunction-solution of the kind which, were it at once and everywhere to be obeyed, a far-ranging and basic good would be founded: do not call others what they do not call themselves. Against the granted position, it would be an honest act to cite one’s influence, lineage, for oneself, and, insofar as by name, as oneself. Later, to myself, as if of the flawed desire to think up the finest correction – so magnetic the primordial impulse to strive to originate or provide others with what they themselves seek for – I “realise”, so delusion’s inflation would have it, that A is and hers ought be: Vremya or Tempo or Time. Though, rarely does A deal in any way directly with, or as isolated, the immaterial; a traveller, instead, of the interstices of measurable and arbitrary, artifice and sensible, material and imperceptible. But were that interstice, locatable in time’s instruments, measures, formations, to become a name assigned – Ms. A. Second, Ms. A. Moment, Ms. A. Mig, Ms. A. Hand, … – such might only affix the body of A, the very entity wishing to deny possession, and which itself contains, at precise noon on her face, the most key inversion, the gap of a measure through which time, never whistling, camels through.


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