me: i LOVE moles
have i ever told you this
  – I have so many moles
me: like in head?
me: or in the lifts at work?
moling around the place
grunting blindly
  – moley moley moley
me: please
you are pleasuring me
i like them so much
they are so supple
and furry
  – hahaha supple?
me: and just sweet
  – have you touched one?
me: their fingers!
no touching
haven’t touched
  – just admoled from afar?
me: please
this is too much
  – hahahaha
me: i can’t tell you what i think of them
no really
they have no expectation
don’t know to-where
no anticipation
they just subsist
make do
  – what about sloths?
me: what subtle senses
well they are exalted also
but just so oxidised in comparison
they seem so crass
me: no
it has glasses
how inaccurate
  – hahahaha
you’re right about sloths
me: i’m particularly interested in embryonic moles
to escape the womb
or whatever
or insides
and then to continue ever to be inside
to never emerge as such
to surface
they are the land dwellers who swim
me: they have such insight into matter
  – wow accidental caps
me: i mean they swim through earth
accidental my mole
  – hahaha I’m loving this
me: we happened upon it accidentally
but it is no accident
  – like a mole
me: as only a mole meeting a mole in-earth knows
  – respect
me: because their fluid earth is dense
so they are invisible
yet blind also
and of this double invisibility
results an intense sensitivity
  – how much time have you spent thinking about this?
me: a submission to all matter as, in each instance, the matter of another
every movement is ever another search
another sensing
for or as another
they then are their own others
touching themselves up against that soil-water
um, never thought about this before
  – hahaha
me: but i always take photos of them
in natural history museums
  – uh huh. I like it
me: i should publish on moles
  – you should
me: but will not
  – you just did
me: for i want only them as my readers
they who cannot read
but are always reading
we could only aspire
  – to be as supple as them?
me: i feel like this is “my race”
moisturise as you may
  – I do want to crawl into a hole right now
me: to dream is to mole
night is mole
black water is mole
empathy is mole
  – and so say we mole
me: there could never be more than a two of we mole
though there might be a kind of imaginable collision of moles
a kind of subterranean ad hoc church
a congregation of moles collided
  – oh yeah?
me: for each, only it and its other
  – friendly collisions?
    necessary collisions?
me: i think the most astonishing thing that might ever be discovered
revolutionary in this field
though not ‘revolving’ at all
would be
at once such collision,
for the one to subsume the other.
so starved.
starved so.
  – I’m going to cry
me: it really would be such a moment.
this would really be it.
only then might we be able to say we have “some knowledge” of them
  – Now I’m imagining everything you’re typing said as David Attenborough
me: well i have never seen him
except as that white englishman
who mimes as and for him
him, who
has been the amplified voice of one such subterranean dweller
so i have to go.
  – hahaha ok my friend
    breathe easy
me: it sickens me that we live in-air
crass sloths
  – be it our burden to bear
me: not bears
though they seem alike
  – that’s a whole other kettle of moles
me: and while hibernation is mole
and caves are mole
and the hives of their honey,

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